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Get Over It

Mechanical Mouse Organ's debut album, Get Over It, is tonal journey from Revolver to the Raconteurs. Thundering drums, biting guitar hooks and the ghost of John Entwistle hovering over the bass frets lay the groundwork for Darryl's warm, emotion-drenched vocal melodies. Lyrically It's Just Love (Get Over It) and Torn Up Love Song tread the same line in self deprecating, bittersweet love-songs-in-reverse as Billy Bragg, David Gedge and Pete Shelley, while the acerbic humour of Workaholic is closer to John Cooper Clarke.

The band, comprising Darryl Todd (vocals, guitar), Dave Curle (drums), Liam Gilfellon (bass) and George Kitching (guitar) include three former members of 90's Kitchenware signings HUG. HUGís brief career earned them sessions for Radio 1 and high praise from the music press: NME named them as a top tip and Melody Maker described their debut as "the most state-of-the-art sounding single in the pileĒ. A HUG reunion in 2011 paved the way for the new band and a harder-edged, more rock-oriented direction.

The album was recorded in March at First Avenue in Newcastle with drummer, Dave Curle producing. Dave is an accomplished sound engineer who, in the first three months of 2015 alone, has worked with everyone from Barry Hyde to Kobadelta to metal legends Satan. He favoured a near live approach, working fast with few takes and fewer overdubs to capture the freshness and energy of the bandís stage sound.

Exuberant, cathartic, vibrant and soulful, Get Over It grabs your ears and goes for your heart... and Emily loves it.


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"'Get Over It' is a powerpop album, and it's overflowing with potential singles...If you cross-pollinated Cream with Big Star then they might sound a little like this...There are punkier moments such as the excellent 'It's Just Love (Get Over It)', and the pop-punk of 'Torn Up Love Song', and even hints of psychedelia as with 'Honour System' which nicks the beat from 'Tomorrow Never Knows'...An album that sounds like a greatest hits. "
- KevW - The Sound Of Confusion - August 2015


"The opening track, 'Ill-Judged Text' has a Pete Townshend shape to it, deceptively subtle melodies arcing through Entwistle bass motifs and drumming as committed as Moon on a wonderfully wild day. Among other stand-out tracks is the Blondie-esque 'It's Just Love'. With lyrics worthy of Squeeze and a passionate vocal trembling like Fergal, it's a hit! 'Honour System' evokes Revolver, with a 'Tomorrow Never Knows' drum pattern and teasing 'If I Needed Someone' guitar licks. Excellently recorded, controlled but 'live', it's a worthy tribute to the days when great songs didnít need committees to write them or months to be recorded. "
8 out of 10 - Yaffle - Tasty Fanzine - June 2015


"From the outset the band unashamedly mix the finer elements of punk, metal and Britpop with the principle of 'if that sounds good then it's in' being the only apparent rule adhered to. Tracks one, two and three are white-knuckle riff-driven rockers; the first two, 'Ill Judged Text' and 'Workaholic' with riffs of Led Zeppelin vintage, while the third, 'It's Just Love (Get Over It)' closer in riff lineage to classic Buzzcocks.

The pace slows slightly, with the Britpoppy (Gene rather than Blur or Oasis), 'Call Me Up', ... It's thoughtful and mature and, probably, the album's biggest highlight..It's not overstating it to see this as a 'where have you been all my life?' album "

- Neil Pace - NE: MM - July 2015


"a vibrant fusion of rough and ready rock and roll, bursts of punky energy and a layered and visceral edge... with themes of unrequited love and brooding reqrets coming to the fore on tracks like the rollicking Ill-Judged Text; It's Just Love (Get Over It), with its sing along chorus and wandering bass line; and I Know I'm Not The One's dream-like, disjointed guitars, splashes of hypnotic percussion and satisfyingly heavy breakdown"
- Claire Dupree - NARC Magazine - July 2015


"The first time I let the digital notes of Mechanical Mouse Organ flow through my earbuds, I knew I had just discovered a hidden gem. In less than ten minutes of listening to 30 second samples of the songs on the their new album, Get Over It, the download function on my SurfacePro3 couldn't go fast enough." - Bob Crabtree - Digital Earbuds - Sept 2015


"It IS something you will want to purchase, something you're going to want to jam to on all of your summer road trips, and something youíre going to want to share with your friends... If youíre a fan of Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Kooks, or The Black Keys then youíll dig Mechanical Mouse Organ. My favorite track is "It's Just Love (Get Over It)" It embodies MMO's sound to a T and makes any day a great one. "
7 out of 10 - Kaitlynn Black - Outlawed Reviews - June 2015


"On the recordís title track, 'It's Just Love (Get Over It),' the group hits its stride. The song is a quick, three minute indie romp, complete with unfaltering drums, a fuzz-driven bass, and a twangy and quirky sounding lead. "
7.3 out of 10 - Daniel Tremblay - 24 Our Music - June 2015


"The vocals throughout the album are fuelled by emotion and filled with a raspy twang that give the album a distinct sound and this is thanks to ex Dead Miles member Darryl Todd. The guitar riffs always compliment the vocals, sitting alongside them perfectly. The moving lyrics of 'I Know I'm Not The One' show what the band are truly capable of - it's a powerful heartache ballad which stands out at top of the album. "
- Nathan Douthwaite - NE Volume - July 2015


Mechanical Mouse Organ
TitleGet Over It
ArtistMechanical Mouse Organ
FormatDownload / CD Album
Release DateJuly 3rd, 2015
LabelRevenge Western Records
Cat NumberRWEST003DD / RWEST003CD
Bar code0036663558398
P & C2015 Revenge Western Records

All music & lyrics by Mechanical Mouse Organ
Produced by: Dave Curle
At: First Avenues Studios

Sleeve Design: Dave Curle and Sandy Kitching

Genres: alternative, rock, indie