Emily Rains - Mechanical Mouse Organ album

Emily Rains, Mechanical Mouse Organ

Mechanical Mouse Organ's new e.p., Emily Rains is available to pre-order now.

MMO follow All The Love with the punchy Emily Rains e.p. The title track is a rousing stab of Small Faces style white soul, propelled by a garage rock riff reminiscent of the Stooges, while High Horse is searing, punk-pop broadside at Brexit-era bigotry, built around a guitar figure that wouldn't have been out of place on Sugar's Copper Blue album and a chorus of Beatle-esque jangle.

"Doctor can you help me please, I've a classic case of weird disease"

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TitleEmily Rains
ArtistMechanical Mouse Organ
Release DateJune 2018
LabelRevenge Western Records
DistributorAll major digital sites
Cat NumberRWEST005CD
P & C2017 Revenge Western Records
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All The Love - Mechanical Mouse Organ album

All The Love (Nobody Wants), Mechanical Mouse Organ

Mechanical Mouse Organ's new e.p., All The Love (Nobody Wants is available to pre-order now.

Packing a deeper emotional punch and drawing from a wider musical palette than its predecessor, All The Love (Nobody Wants) marks a distinct progression in MMO's development. The title track is a heartfelt lament about yearning and rejection, shot through with warmth, overdrive and a melodic strength that recall Dinosaur Jnr.

"If I don't belong, what do I do with all the love nobody wants"

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TitleAll The Love (Nobody Wants)
ArtistMechanical Mouse Organ
Release DateMarch 2018
LabelRevenge Western Records
DistributorAll major digital sites
Cat NumberRWEST004CD
P & C2017 Revenge Western Records
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Get Over It - Mechanical Mouse Organ album

Get Over It, Mechanical Mouse Organ

Mechanical Mouse Organ's debut album, Get Over It.

A tonal journey from Revolver to the Raconteurs. Thundering drums, biting guitar hooks and the ghost of John Entwistle hovering over the bass frets lay the groundwork for Darryl's warm, emotion-drenched vocal melodies. Lyrically It's Just Love (Get Over It) and Torn Up Love Song tread the same line in self deprecating, bittersweet love-songs-in-reverse as Billy Bragg, David Gedge and Pete Shelley, while the acerbic humour of Workaholic is closer to John Cooper Clarke.

Exuberant, cathartic, vibrant and soulful, Get Over It grabs your ears and goes for your heart... and Emily loves it.

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TitleGet Over It
ArtistMechanical Mouse Organ
Format Album Download
Release DateDec, 2015
LabelRevenge Western Records
DistributorAll major digital sites
Cat NumberRWEST003CD
Bar code0036663558398
P & C2015 Revenge Western Records
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Introducing Mechanical Mouse Organ

Mechanical Mouse Organ are the latest addition to the Revenge Western rosta. Formed from the ashes of HUG and Dead Miles and after several months gestation in the rehearsal room they burst on to the live circuit in October 2014, showcasing their distinctive amalgam of classic and alternative rock influences pushed through the tonal blender with a large dose of melody and a healthy injection of raw power.

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"Darryl's presence helped push the band in a new more rock oriented direction, mixing classic and alternative influences, ranging from the Who to the Wedding Present, Hendrix to the Raconteurs, the Beatles to Dinosaur Jnr...."

Clay - Hug album

Clay, HUG

HUG's first release in since 1994, Clay is out now.

HUG were hotly tipped in the early nineties by everyone from the NME to Mark Radcliffe. They signed to Kitchenware records and released 3 e.p.'s and album before splitting up in 1994. Seventeen years later, they reformed briefly to play three gigs and to re-record some of their finest songs the way they always felt they should have sounded in the first place. Put the results together with five live recordings from their 2011 performance at the Newcastle's Star and Shadow that breathe new life into the best of their back catalogue and you have the Clay CD.

HUG's finest songs, finally captured the way they were always supposed to sound. This could be the definitive HUG release.

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FormatCD Album / Download
Release DateDec, 2012
LabelRevenge Western Records
DistributorRevengewestern.com direct
Cat NumberRWEST002CD
Bar code0610696 049070
P & C2012 Revenge Western Records
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Hug - The Story

Once described as Newcastle's answer to the Double Deckers, HUG were Tyneside' answer to the Madchester phenomenon. While Indie-Dance quickly degenerated into record companies getting DJ's to transform second rate indie jangle singles into dancefloor fillers, HUG like NEW FADS broke new ground by incorporating dance rhythms, samples etc into their songs from the off. No remixes necessary. The NME listed them alongside the Manic Street Preachers and Ocean Colour Scene as one of their top tips for 1991. As their sound evolved they moved away from extended dance grooves into harder edged, more fully realised indie rock songs. But fame eluded them. Their story is perhaps best told in Kriss Knight's review of their farewell gig...

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"in a heady atmosphere, the feeling that Newcastle could no longer be overlooked as a musical force was in the minds of the majority...."

Acoustic Overspill - Overspill Poets free e.p.

Acoustic Overspill, Overspill Poets

Free download e.p. of unplugged folk and Americana

Following on from their debut album, Thompson Falls, that gained critical acclaim for it's blend of English northern indie jangle and alt country rock stylings, the Poets have unplugged, putting the jangling Rickenbackers aside and donning acoustic guitars and thumbpicks to explore their rootsier folk and Americana influences. The result is the stripped-down, warm and initimate sound of Acoustic Overspill with subject matter ranging from England's acerbic political swipes to May the Rays, a song inspired by a Valentine's card.

Five slices of English folk and faux Americana from a patch of rural scrubland somewhere between Gillian Welch, Martin Simpson and Nick Drake

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TitleAcoustic Overspill
ArtistOverspill Poets
FormatFree Download e.p.
Release DateNovember 1st, 2011
LabelRevenge Western Records
P & C2009 Revenge Western Records
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Thompson Falls - Overspill Poets album

Thompson Falls, Overspill Poets

Overspill Poets debut album Thompson Falls is out now.

Thompson Falls is the debut album from Overspill Poets and sees them blending alt rock and country guitar jangle with vocals that root them firmly in the North of England.

"Whoever described Overspill Poets' sound as 'Bob Mould crashing into REM on Johnny Cash's iPod' got it just about right. Thompson Falls is as heavyweight as any of the former Husker Du man's solo recordings, has the vibe of the Athens, Georgia mob at their jingly-jangliest, and wears the hardcore troubadour spirit of Cash on its sleeve."
- Rock n Reel Magazine

"Passionate, heartfelt and with enough grit to give it some real traction, this is stirring stuff and well worth seeking out."
- The Crack Magazine

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TitleThompson Falls
ArtistOverspill Poets
FormatCD Album / Download
Release DateOctober 19, 2009
LabelRevenge Western Records
DistributorUK: Genepool / Universal Music Operations
USA: CD Baby
Cat NumberRWEST001CD
Bar code753182211763
P & C2009 Revenge Western Records
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Subba-Cultcha Writers Choice

Subba-Cultcha Best of 2009 Writers' Choice

Alan Baillie picked Thompson Falls by Overspill Poets alongside Morrissey's Years of Refusal, Our Night Out by Buster Shuffle, Urban Voodoo Machine's Bourbon Soaked Gypsy Blues Bop N Stroll and Grey Britain by Gallows as his top 5 albums of 2009 in the Subba-Cultcha Writers Choice review of the year.

"A living, breathing lexicon of catchy, hook-laden lo-fi opulence infused within layers of guitar driven alt-country"
- Alan Baillie, Subba-Cultcha

NME Battle of the Bands - Overspill Poets

Number 4 Album of the Year on NME-Europe

Thompson Falls makes Number 4 in NME-Europe's Top 20 Albums of 2009

When NME-Europe, the fast-rising new music blog, published it's top 20 albums of 2009, Overspill Poets were honoured to find themselves at number 4 in a list that contains such indie luminaries as The XX, Morrissey, The Cribs, Muse and the Manic Street Preachers. Click here to view NME-Europe's Top 10 albums of 2009.

Nick Clarke interviewed Overspill Poets about their reaction. Click here to read the band's response.

Sound of Sirens also made number 2 in NME-Europe's Top 20 Tracks on 2009. Check out the whole NME-Europe Top 20 on Spotify or on the NME-Europe blog site itself.

Read the NME-Europe review of Thompson Falls

Overspill Poets Alt Rockers

Road Music for Itinerant Beat Poets & Armchair Drifters

History of the Overspill Poets

Overspill Poets were first conceived in a Tyneside flat where guitarist George Kitching and singer Tim Taylor filled the hours between delivering sandwiches to office workers and watching endless re-runs of Auf Wiedersehen Pet with spirited impromptu jams. But a long gestation followed, as the founder members initially embarked on separate musical paths...

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"Despite his advancing years and inability to play in stereo, Leather coped admirably at first, but the cramped conditions and relentless pie eating eventually took their toll and he was forced to retire to Marbella to live off the proceeds from his former career as a Great Train Robber...."

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