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Thompson Falls

Thompson Falls is the debut album from Overspill Poets and sees them blending alt rock and country guitar jangle with vocals that root them firmly in the North of England.

Inspired by a chance visit to the Idaho town of the same name, the title track tells the story of a girl who, despite her big ambitions, fails to escape her home town, becoming weighed down with other peoples expectations. Learning to hide her dreams in shadows on the wall, she absent-mindedly hangs the shopping on the line while her trailer, her "ticket out", is left to rust on bricks in the yard.

Bookending the other end of the album is Tomorrow When You Leave with lyrics borrowed from the 17th Century Metaphysical (and original Overspill) poet, John Donne.


"A living, breathing lexicon of catchy, hook-laden lo-fi opulence infused within layers of guitar driven alt-country and entrenched in the indie/pop sensibility. Multifaceted cleverness indeed."
- Subba-Cultcha Best of 2009 - Writers Choice - Alan Baillie

"One of the best albums of 2009... a worthy addition to any discerning music collection."
- NME-Europe - Top 10 albums of 2009 #4

"Whoever described Overspill Poets' sound as 'Bob Mould crashing into REM on Johnny Cash's iPod' got it just about right. Thompson Falls, their debut, is as heavyweight as any of the former Husker Du man's solo recordings, has the vibe of the Athens, Georgia mob at their jingly-jangliest, and wears the hardcore troubadour spirit of Cash on its sleeve."
- Rock n Reel Magazine

"These are extraordinary songs about ordinary people, everyday lives, elevated onto the grand stage of the universe, for all to see and celebrate."
- Is This Music? Magazine

"Each piece rolls into the next like chapters in a story. These songs mix lo-fi with lush Americana, although their Northern indie roots are never for once forgotten... The guitar work is at times astonishing."
- Subba-Cultcha

"Passionate, heartfelt and with enough grit to give it some real traction, this is stirring stuff and well worth seeking out."
- The Crack Magazine

"If drive-time country rock is your bag you could do worse than visit the stretched out highway that leads to Thompson Falls."
- Artrocker Magazine

"Literary stylings and Byrd-like country rock make for some intriguing listening."
- Tasty Fanzine

"A richly crafted piece which comes from the heart"
- Diskant

"Particular attention must be paid to 'Summer', as by harnessing some unsettled guitar and a drum-machine, Overspill Poets create a moody, modern alt-rock tune that, at the risk of not quite fitting in, out-muscles everything else on Thompson Falls."
- The Skeleton Review Quarterly

"The soundtrack to a road movie albeit one set on the A1 heading north rather than a sun-baked interstate."
- NME-Europe

"The indie boys take to Americana like a fat kid to cake."
- Diskant

"Overspill Poets have delivered a terrific variety on Americana that actually has it’s home much nearer to us here in Leeds"
- The Beat Surrender

"Le grand point fort du disque reste la voix de Tim Taylor, chaude, grave, profonde, immédiatement familière même si on est bien en peine de mettre des noms dessus tant elle appartient à elle-même tout en semblant avoir été avec nous depuis toujours."
- Dans le Mur du Son

TitleThompson Falls
ArtistOverspill Poets
FormatCD Album / Download
Release DateOctober 19, 2009
LabelRevenge Western Records
Cat NumberRWEST001CD
Bar code753182211763
P & C2009 Revenge Western Records
Audio CD £5

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Overspill Poets album back cover Indie road music drive-time Thompson Falls

All music & lyrics by George Kitching
Produced by: Overspill Poets

Sleeve Design: The Early Bird Design Associates

Genres: Alternative Rock, Alt Country, Folk, Rock