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Kaleid - Hug ep


Vinyl 12" e.p. - 1991 - Better Than Life records.

ProducerRobert Blamire & Steve Daggett
Format12" Single
Release DateJuly, 1991
LabelBetter Than Life Records
Cat NumberFIZ001
  1. Kaleid
  2. Apparently
  3. You Should See Me

Melody Maker - Single review

"The most thoroughly contemporary-sounding, state of the art single in the pile... Hug's sound is big, spacious and exciting - Gemma has a fine bold voice, there are artfully-placed samples and dashing, charging rhythms and even the wah-wah guitar isn't that offensive in the context. In fact, the sound's undeniably impressive."

Melody Maker - article - 27 July, 1991

"A fiery and expressive Geordie cocktail, which comprises twangy Rickenbackers, funky drummers and turntable scratchers as well as vocalist Gem's soaring, Chrissie Hynde-like vocal contortions. It's kinda post-baggy, sort of danced-up Sugarcubes... Whatever people make of Hug's super- fab first single, Kaleid, they should recognise that it's an inordinately fine pop debut with a chorus fit for singing in the bath."

Mesmerised - Hug ep


Vinyl 12" e.p. - 1992 - Kitchenware records.

ProducerVictor Van Vugt
Format12" Single
Release DateMarch, 1992
LabelKitchenware Records
  1. Mesmerised
  2. Shatter Me
  3. Symphony For You
  4. Love Set You Going

Spiral Scratch (Single of the Fortnight)

"This is the second single from Newcastle based Hug and just like last year's Kalied it's a thoroughly gorgeous, dance friendly Indie classic, electrified by the beauty of-Gemma's vocals and earthed by Ken's intermittent barking. The drums are sharp, the bass is solid and the whole thing will make your heart positively swell."

NME - Single review - March 1992

"Oh dear. We have accidentally reviewed the B-side of Hug's second single, called 'Shatter Me'. Lucky them - it is a haunting, tugging thing, Gemma Wilson's vocal a noble, star-reaching, sub-operatic cry for, if not help, certainly a nice hot cup of tea. We like all bands on Kitchenware, don't we? Except The Kane Gang."

Hummana - Hug album


CD album - 1993 - Kitchenware records.

ProducerNick Bagnall & Fred Purser
FormatCD Album
Release DateApril, 1993
LabelKitchenware Records
Cat NumberKWCD21
  1. Sour
  2. Hey Judas
  3. Insatiable
  4. I Didn' Mean To Martyr You
  5. Innocence
  6. Where Are You When I Scream
  7. Shaved
  8. You Should See Me Now

Vox - album review - 1993

"Hug’s debut album, produced by Fatima Mansions cove Nick Bagnall, is an impressive, confident summation, built on Gemma Wilson's swooping torch vocals and imaginative arrangements that add bite to even the more angst-ridden sentiments. 'Sour' and 'Hey Judas' are early attention grabbers. Guitarist and principal lyricist George Kitching, a closet feminist by all accounts, leads Hug through rock's darker hinterlands, though the band's concentration on melody and structure wouldn't be out-of-place on daytime radio.

Superficial resemblances to the likes of The Sundays, Pixies and Sugarcubes are shaken once Hug hit the sky-scraping 'Innocence', which is far more Blondie than Black and Blixar. Better still, just when the overriding lyrical fixation with love's misery threatens to cloy, Hug bring on their secret weapon, Japanese 'rapper' Ken Sakamoto, whose wry interjections turn the likes of 'Where Are You When I Scream' and 'You Should See Me' on their heads and send them spinning."

Firebrands - Hug ep


CD / 7" single - 1994 - Kitchenware records.

ProducerPaul Corkett
FormatCD / 7" vinyl
Release DateMarch 1994
LabelKitchenware Records
Cat NumberSKCD66
  1. Walk On Fire
  2. Kingdom Come
  3. Meltdown
  4. Walk On Fire (Instrumental)

Paint It Red - Single review - 1994

"How the hell have we lived without these people for six months? The Firebrands EP is the first new release since Hummana (a gorgeous mini-album now sold out in its original format but due for re-release) and has three new tracks and a remix. Walk On Fire (x2) and Kingdom Come have yet to hit a stage in anger and Meltdown was still a raw young thing last time I saw the Hugsters. Well crafted songs, loaded with passion and (in a fairer world) destined to bring acclaim beyond measure."


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